National Centenial Commision

Stamps were issued to publicise the National Centennial Commission's program for the forthcoming centenary of Philippine Independence in 1998.


Philippine Independence Centennial (in 1998) #2339, 15 Dec 1994

Philippine Independence Centennial (in 1998) #2390, 26 Dec 1995


Philippine Independence Centennial (in 1998) #2456, 20 Dec 1996

Philippine Independence Centennial (in 1998) #2503, 2 Dec 1997


Philippine Independence Centennial (in 1998) #2540, 9 June 1998


National Centenary Commision Overprints #2545, 12 Jun 1998

The original se-tenant national symbols stamps were withdrawn and invalidated in 1997 upon discovery of forgeries of several designs. They were overprinted with the National Centennial Commission logo to help publizise the centennial of our independence and at the same time, make use of the stamps that were remainng in the vaults

National Centenary Commision Overprints #2544, 7 Jul 1998


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