Philippine-American Friendship Day - 15 November 1935

The Philippine-American Friendship Day (oringinally just Philippine-American Day) was established in 1955 to be observed every 15 November to mark the anniversary of the inauguration of the Commonwealth (15 November 1935). During the rule of President Marcos it was renamed  Philippine-American Friendship Day and moved to 4 July overshadowing the observance of the date as Republic Day.

In 1966 President Ramos celebrated the day as Republic Day.


50th Anniversary Philippine-American Friendship Day / Republic Day #2419 to 2421, 4 July 1996


World Philatelic Exhibition, 'PACIFIC 97' #2475, 29 May 1997 


Special Catchet for 30th Anniversary Philippine-American Friendship Day  BSP101A used between 2 and 14 July 1976




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