Mount Mayon is an ACTIVE stratovolcano which last erupted in 2009.

Mayon volcano has a very distinctive symmetrical conical shape and is the Philippines' most active volcano and is permanently monitored by Philvolcs.

The volcano rises to an elevation of 2462m and is capped by a small summit crater. The historical eruptions of this volcano date back to 1616, with cyclical activity beginning with basaltic eruptions, followed by longer term andesitic lava flows. Eruptions occur predominately from the central conduit and have also produced lava flows that travel far down the flanks.

Pyroclastic flows and mudflows have commonly swept down many of the approximately 40 ravines that radiate from the summit and have often devastated populated lowland areas. Mayon's most violent eruption in 1814, killed more than 1200 people and devastated several towns.

Postal Cards and First Day Covers                                                            Mount Mayon on earlier stamps

Postal History (1947 Pictorial)

1947 Pictorial, Official Overprint and Manila Conference Overprint

 #508, 23 Mar 1947; #O54, 4 Jul 1949; and #614, 6 Sept 1954

Government Peace Fund Campaign #554 to 556, and Imperfs #554a to 556a, 31 Mar 1951

Rotary International, 50th Anniversary #618, 619 and C77, 23 Feb 1955 

Surcharged #827, 4 Jul 1960 

Philippine Constitution, 25th Anniversary #814 (+detail) and C82, 8 Feb 1960 


Philippine National Bank, 50th Anniversary #955 (+detail), 22 Jul 1966

(Mount Mayon on featured coin)

Surcharges #1071, 26 Oct 1970; #1100, 10 Jun 1971; and #1236, 1 Aug 1974 

Christmas 1967 #976 and 977, 1 Dec 1967


Tobacco Industry #993 to 995 (+ detail), 15 Nov 1968

Rice for Progress #1023 to 1025, 12 June 1969

15th International Conference on Social Welfare in Manila #1059 to 1061, 6 Sept 1970

Tourism, Series II #1086, 15 Feb 1971; and Tourism, Series IV #1097, 3 May 1971

The Casagawa ruins are visible in both stamps. During the 1814 eruption around 1200 people took refuge in the Casagawa Church, all were killed when the church was engulfed in lava. Today, the belfry is all that remains.

Air Post Semi Postal to finance the 10th Boy Scout World Jamboree and Surcharged for First Scout Philatelic Exhibition commemorating 25th anniversary of the First National Jamboree

 #CB1, 17 July 1959, and #C112e, 5 July 1979

(Mount Mayon in background, single and part of a se-tenant strip of 5 from a souvenir sheet)

Postage Stamp Day featuring 1971 tourism series stamp #1486 to 1488 plus detail, 20 Oct 1980

General Santos City, 50th Anniversary #1982 27 Feb 1982

International Year of Indigeneous People #2265, 24 Oct 1993

Diplomatic Relations with Switzerland, 150th Anniversary #2761, 26 Nov 2001

Friendship with Japan, 50th Anniversary #3057, 23 Jul 2006

(also part of a se-tenant block of 4 from a souvenir sheet)

Bridges of the American Era #3157b, 16 May 2008 

(part of a se-tenant block of 4 from a souvenir sheet)

Tourism #3180d, 3 Nov 2008 

(part of a se-tenant block of 4)

Philippine Lakes #xxx, 5 Nov 2018

part of a Miniature sheet of 6 (se-tenant block)


Postal Cards and First Day Covers

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