MOUNT MAYON - Stamps of American and Japanese Periods

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American Period


Special Delivery, Messenger #E2 and E2b, 1906

Wmk 191, Perf 12, #E2 = ultramarine, #E2b = pale ultramarine

Special Delivery, Messenger #E3, 1911

Wmk 190, Perf 12 #E3 = deep ultramarine


Special Delivery, Messenger #E4, 1916

Wmk 190, Perf 10, #E4 = deep ultramarine


Special Delivery, Messenger #E5, E5a and E5b, 1919

Wmk 190, Perf 11, #E5 = ultramarine; #E5a = pale blue, #E5b = dull violet

Special Delivery, Messenger #E6 and E6a, 1925 to 1931

Wmk 190, Imperf 1, #E6 = dull violet; #E6a = violet blue

Overprint on 1906 for Official Delivery #EO1, 1931

Wmk 191, #EO1 = dull violet

Overprint on 1919 type for Commonwealth #E7, 1939

Wmk 190, Perf 11, #E7 = blue violet


Overprint on #E5b for Victory #E8, 1944

Wmk 190, Perf 11, #E8 = dull violet

Handstamp (Type 2) on #E7 for Victory #E9, 1944

Wmk 190, Perf 11, #E9 = blue violet

During the early handstamping the device was broken and repaired, leaving a slightly different overprint for the later issues. The stamping device in its original condition produced overprints with the letters in a straight line, (Type 1). After the break was repaired the first three letters were not aligned with the rest and the "T" had a "bite" out of the stem (Type 2).  The Type 1 handstamp is much scarcer than the Type 2 handstamp.

Overprint on #E7 for Victory #E10a and E10, 1 May 1945

Wmk 190, Perf 11, #E10 = blue violet, E10a = blue violet with "IC" close together

Mount Mayon #354, 3 May 1932

Overprint on #354 for airmail Von Gronau Issue #C29, 27 Sept 1932

Commemorating the visit of Captain Wolfgang von Gronau's airplane on its round-the-world flight


Japanese Occupation Era

Mount Mayon and Mount Fuji definitive  #N15, N17, N21 and N23 1943

#N15 with official 'KP' handstamp overprint

Overprint for flood relief #NB7 date.

A set of semi-postal stamp series was issued in December 1943, after a strong typhoon caused massive flooding in order to raise funds for the victims. The Japanese sponsored the Philippines with overprinted “ Baha” (Flood) to raise additional revenue for the cash strapped government. The flood killed countless numbers of people and animals.

definitive #N13, N16 and N22, 1943

First Day Covers

Special Covers



Other Bits and Pieces

Green trial color proof, small die on india paper,  one of only two known

Harmer Auctions 2013 hammer price USD1,100