The Carabao is a domestic water buffalo and is considered the national animal of the Philippines.

The Carabao was probably introduced to the Philippines by Malay immigrants around 300 to 200 BC, although there are also imported bufallo breeds from China, Cambodia and India which are also generaly referred to as carabao.

In the Philippines the Carabao is used as an animal of labour to plough fields, carry loads and pull carts, particularly for small rural farmers. It also provides a source of milk and meat. In the past Carabao hide was used to make the armour of pre-colonial Filipino warriors.

Government Peace Fund Campaign #554 to 556, and Imperfs #554a to 556a, 31 Mar 1951

Air Post Semi Postal to finance the 10th Boy Scout World Jamboree and Surcharged for First Scout Philatelic Exhibition commemorating 25th anniversary of the First National Jamboree

 #CB1, 17 July 1959, and #C112e, 5 July 1979

single and part of a se-tenant strip of 5 from a souvenir sheet

Christmas 1967 #976 and 977, 1 Dec 1967

The first Christmas stamps ofthe Philippines

Philippine Animals #1008, 8 Jan 1969

Tourism #1076, 12 Nov 1970

The 'Woman and Carabao' statue in the foreground is by the Italian sculpture Francesco Riccardo Monti and is located in the Capitol Park and Lagoon in Bacolod City, Negros. The statue forms part of a pair the second depicting that of a man pulling a carabao

Christmas 1982 #1616 and 1617, 13 Dec 1982

Xavier University, 50th Anniversary #1647 and 1648, 1 Dec 1983

Christmas 1985 #1777, 9 Dec 1985

Christmas 1986 #1827 and 1830,  20 Dec 1986

50th Anniversary of the Induction of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE)

#2119n and 2120n, 8 Dec 1991

insignia of the Philippine Division, part of a se-tenant block of 32

National Symbol Definitives

#2218 and 2231i, 9 Jul 1993; #2218a dated 1994, 19 Apr 1994; and #2218b dated 1995, 1 Feb 1995

All the p3 stamps were withdrawn and post office stocks recalled in June 1995 after discovery of postal forgeries

#2217i, 28 Oct 1993; and #2215i, 2 Nov 1995

#2219i, 8 Jan 1996; #2220i, 12 Feb 1996; #2218C, 1 Mar 1996; and 2463B dated 1997, 18 Apr 1997

p4 values reflect the new postal rate, new design following discovery of p3 postal forgeries


#2231i part of a se-tenant block of 12 on souvenir sheet

#2217i, 2218i, 2219i and 2220i parts of se-tenant blocks of 14


Overprint with National Centennial Commision logo #2545i, 12 Jun 1998; #2544 and 2544 dated 1994, 7 Jul 1998

#2231i part of a se-tenant block of 14

Christmas 1996 #2444,  14 Nov 1996


1997 Year of the Ox #2446 and 2247a (imperf), 16 Dec 1996

#2446 occurs as singles and as part of a souvenir sheet (#2247a) which occurs perf and imperf

Hong Kong '97 Stamp Exhibition #2459f, 12 Feb 1997

part of a souvenir sheet se-tenant block of 6, differs from previous issue as date 1997 and does not include the blue security marking

Centenary Cavite National High School - Commemorative Cover and Postal Slogan BPS 2002-03 20 Apr 2002

Centenary Cavite National High School #2787 and detail, 19 Jun 2002

2009 Year of the Ox #3193 and 3194, 10 Dec 2008

occurs as singles and as se-tenant pairs as part of a souvenir sheet


Shell Philippines Centenary #, 13 Dec 2014

part of a se-tenant block of four

70th Anniversary Philippines-Tahiland Diplomatic Relations #, 14 June 2019

part of a se-tenant pair

The Murillo Velarde Map of the Philippines, Discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan, 500th Anniversary #, 16 March 2021

part of a Souvenir Sheet of 13



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