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First Day Covers

Philippine Assembly 50th Anniversary #640, 16 Oct 1957

Sergio Osmena was elected as the first Speaker of the Philippine Assembly which was inaugurated on 16 October 1907     

Definitive #862, 10 Dec 1963 

Presidential Credo #883G and 883H, 12 Jun 1970

Birth Centenary #1358 and 1359, 8 Sept 1978

 Overprint for APO Philatelic Society 30th Anniversary #1501, 30 Nov 1980 

Landings at Leyte Gulf, 50th Anniversary #2316a and 2316b, 15 Sept 1994

(part of se-tenant block of 4)


When the Commonwealth government relocated in the US in exile, Osmena went with Quezon. Osmena became president of the Commonwealth on Quezon's death. He returned to the Philippines with General Douglas MacArthur and the liberation forces.

End of World War II, 50th Anniversary #2391a and 2391b, 27 Dec 1995

(part of miniature sheet block of 12

Equitable PCI Bank 50th Anniversary #2682, 26 Sept 2000


Birth Centenary #1358 and 1359, 8 Sept 1978


Kruger postcard 22275 distributed by National Book Store